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A division of NSHI, 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958  PROFESSIONALISM & TRUST


Membership Requirements

Part of NAIS's mission is to promote education for infrared thermographers prior to performing infrared surveys. NAIS requires a minimum of 24 hours of infrared education or equivalent work experience before an individual may apply for membership.

To ensure that all members understand the NAIS Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, along with the procedures for performing a proper infrared survey, NAIS requires all new members to pass the NAIS exam, which is a national exam sponsored by NAIS. There is no additional charge to take or re-take this exam.

All members must agree to abide by the NAIS Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, which establishes a minimum and uniform standard for performing an infrared survey.

Continuing Education:
Part of NAIS's mission is to promote professional development for its members. NAIS members are asked to voluntarily complete a minimum of 6 hours of continuing education each membership year.

Membership Fee:
NAIS members agree to a $149 annual fee ($99 for renewals) payable by credit card. NAIS membership fees are considerably less than some other organizations, many of which operate for profit and exist to sell private training certifications.