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About NAIS

The National Association of Infrared Surveyors (NAIS), formerly the National Association of Infrared Inspectors, was established in response to the need for national guidelines for infrared surveyors. As infrared camera technology has advanced and become more affordable, infrared surveys have begun to overlap with many other inspection services. With no state or federal guidelines for infrared testing, private organizations such as NAIS have taken the initiative in establishing best practices for infrared thermographers.

In 2007, the National Association of Infrared Surveyors (NAIS) was established through efforts by the National Society of Home Inspectors (NSHI), a non-profit corporation, to develop a code of ethics and standards for thermal surveys and to promote professionalism among the experienced and developing thermographers who engage in the profession each year. With a rapidly growing international membership, NAIS has become an important voice in the thermal testing industry.

Our mission is as follows:

1. To advocate uniform standards of practice for infrared surveys.
2. To enforce a sensible code of ethics that educates and protects consumers
3. To promote educational opportunities for infrared thermographers.
4. To provide professional development and networking opportunities for members.
5. To provide the above services at a reasonable price.